by Eavesdropper

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released October 4, 2015



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Eavesdropper Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Overture
It's like he drove this fast on purpose. Like he really had a purpose. He didn't even try to miss it, said the life left before him he'd never miss it.
And then, he left the car through the windshield, facedown in the closest field to the car, but me, remember I was with him so I'm out through the window and into the winter, I'm... damned to lay and rot right here, I am cursed to live amongst all my fears of the end.
Track Name: Ruin
Hand out see my broken fingers, my minds upside down
and my bones are splintered inside
whats left of this hollow shell
of the man I once was of the past that I dwell
you can find me with my eyes still bleeding
from all that ive seen
ill stare at the sun
just to block it out
one moment could you get me on my best side
the side that no body sees, the side that gets no light
sewn shut no one sees me on the inside
thats the part of me thats eating me alive
I wouldnt be dissapointed if it all ended today
Left alone
Track Name: TwentySeven
I'm pessimistic when I look ahead at the future
Optimistic when I see the end
I'm quick to judge and blind to those that don't see,
So please don't pray for me
I'm feeling fucking flawless
Stand back and watch this
27 lucky number can you feel it
I finally understand
Raised to think on my own born to die alone
Reaching out, 'cause I need it
27 lucky number can you feel it
I'm just saying
Life's better when you're not worth saving
Life's better when you're not worth saving
Come close
None of what I'm saying gives me hope,
I'm losing my mind
I'm, I'm...
I'm good as dead mother fucker
Hearts weak, let me sleep forever
Let me lay in the dirt
I hope I rot forever
Track Name: Six Foot Nothing
Im always the first when it opens
the last when it shuts
and i cant live without the bottle cuz my life fuckin sucks
six foot nothing
born to be disgusting
pay my tab and drive my car like it just ain't nothing
drink drink
till the sun comes up let it
sink sink
into the back of my mind
I keep forgetting that im speaking it tongues
that i dont mean what i say
that Im ahead of my time
lifes overrated
try to stay sedated
life is overrated
you know id rather be
i cant focus with the headlights blinding
drinking driving
in all my favorite dreams im dying
Track Name: Hornets Hive
Can't grow a day older without fucking up
truth is, rather be damned dying or dead
I always wonder where it all went wrong
Drill through my hands
make me believe
these holes in my hands they let me see
i cant take back what ive done
its far too late for me
I cant repent its far to late for me
to forgive
all that ive done
wits end black hole where my head was,
body couldnt keep up like my mouth does
pray my soul to take
whatever helps you sleep at night
do you toss do you turn at the thought of the white light
pray my soul to take
whatever helps you sleep at night
saying im wrong doesnt mean that you're right
pray my soul to take
Track Name: You're Dead
Ten bucks says you can't stand when you hit this
punk kids selling pills to the bitches
drinking brew with the witches
then we all fall asleep in the ditches

sarcastic if im honest
like i never broke a promise
and if you don't want to be healed
i am the disease that you wanted

still dead like the others, all the kids get buried by their mothers they're
still singing,
hold my breath until the clock quits spinning, you're dead

Soak the rag and throw the bottle again,
i catch my breath and stutter up all my sins like
"do you fear the end" because i fear you should

he said
I need to hold it together, right?
because in a while it's going to be all me
and my sanity
and that can change like the weather
and ill be pissing on the world for looking down on me

im over it
Track Name: Below
Keep it all pent up on the inside
why wear what you feel on the outside?
i might find peace of mind
knowing you dont know mine, I am
calm on the cold steel
white eyes, flat palms on the car wheel
however it ends, let it come soon

whats the difference if i take my own life or I wait for this
life to take it from me
take it from me

in the end, what if theres nothing,
in the end it will all mean nothing
and i
im learning to cope with it
that when im gone
I wont mean anything

well i wake up in the morning, spit on my reflection
for the world to feel at ease
and ive been burning just to feel a connection
but my heart doesn't want what my head doesn't need

whats it take to feel alive anymore
im getting over growing older
before i thought i would
im living in a nightmare
im living in hell
80 feet with the pavement below
oh will they care when im gone
i guess ill never know
Track Name: Dust
I dont feel right
my heads too light
ive been stretching out my body
like my skins too tight
can you understand it
am i speaking clearly
im only here until my soul leaves
and my bodys empty

everything i touch, dies and turns to dust
so please excuse me while im keeping my distance

ive been down
staying doubted
tell me that im long lost
and ill never doubt it
im not always like this
i can clean up well
but the mirrors always shattered so i just cant tell

everything is skin deep, everything is hopeless
lying as you weep, sowing while you protest
dying in your sleep
everything is skin deep

Everyone just wants a way out, how can you blame them?
I just wanted to go out with a bang, how can you blame me?